IT Mill Toolkit 5.1.2 (beta) maintenance release - changes in release proce

The Toolkit 5.1.2 packages are available for download in
. They will appear on the download web page as well soon.

The most important change is the addition of support for multiple applications in the same browser window. See WebContent/multiapp.html for an example on how to embed multiple applications (or use
after starting the demo service).

If you have embedded Toolkit Applications in a HTML page with earlier versions of IT Mill Toolkit, you must update the embedding page! Run the application separately, view the source code, and copy the loading code to your HTML page.

See the Release Notes for the complete list of changes.

We are in progress of making releases more often, with monthly minor releases and about weekly maintenance releases. The aim of this is to provide more stable releases that include important fixes, both for customer and community issues. The nightly builds are not suitable for this purpose as they are really development builds and can sometimes be in very unstable condition. We hope to have more stability in the weekly maintenance releases, and include only fixes.

To make such a fast release process possible while avoiding regressions, we are streamlining our testing processes. We are already running experimental automated tests for our nightly builds (see with Testing Tools.

The 5.1.2 still carries the beta tag, to notify that the API of Toolkit Release 5 has not yet fully stabilized.