IT Mill Toolkit 5.0.0 release

Version 5.0.0 will be released 11th of December. Please note that we are still under beta stage. Beta tag is not under version number, it is mentioned within the package and on We’ll announce later when beta stage is over.

Hi everyone,

The IT Mill Toolkit 5.0.0 packages are now available at

Also, don’t forget to watch the quick start tutorial video:

First congratulations for the work, it’s the best I have tried.

I would like to know if it is already in any maven repository?

We use SVN for our Toolkit projects. We should move Toolkit core SVN out from our internal server and offer it as public service through internet but I think we will start first by setting issue tracking system (TRAC) to public.

PS. Thanks for the positive feedback, just write to forums if you have any issues / ideas for Toolkit!