IT Mill Toolkit 4.0 Beta 2

IT Mill has released the second public beta version of the IT Mill Toolkit 4.0. You can download the Toolkit from IT Mill’s website at

IT Mill Toolkit is a server-side Java web framework. It includes a variety of components and widgets that help in building complex business web applications in Java™ language.

This version includes tested Ajax support for many new browsers. Tested environments include Opera (ver 9, Mac), Konqueror (ver 3, Linux), Camino (ver 1.0.3, Mac), and Nokia Series 60 3rd edition smartphones. Ajax auto-detection has now been tested with non-Ajax browsers including older Internet Explorer versions and Lynx.

All Toolkit components support Ajax-based interaction/rendering and limited web browsers are supported by standard HTML page rendering. This makes IT Mill Toolkit to support almost all the different web browsers in the market today. For technical details and features see:

IT Mill Toolkit may be integrated into existing Java EE applications easily. It can also be used in creating rich user interfaces for SOA applications.

IT Mill Toolkit is the fourth generation of IT Mill’s web technology. First applications based on this technology have been in production since year 2001 and they are still API-compatible with the new Ajax-generation components.

IT Mill Toolkit can be freely used for evaluation, development and testing purposes as well as small production websites. Furthermore, free licenses are available for educational purposes. All versions include the Java source code.

IT Mill will release the final 4.0 at the AJAXWorld Conference and Expo in New York in March 2007.