It is time to database

Hi Guys,

I have played enough with vaadin UI all the graphical interfaces and stuffs. Now I need to start on the database world. To make the mysql connect it´s really simple I have already done that. But I am worried about CRUD. I have done some google search and I didn´t find anything that I really liked or that I can understand.

What do you guys suggest me ?

What are you guys using for CRUD ?

Thank you for the help

CRUD: Create, Read, Update, Delete is just a descrption for the primary functionalities of most web- and business-applications. If you want to use a Database for Storing your data, you will either need some knowledge about SQL or about Object-Relational-Mapping-Tools (ORM, e.g. Hibernate. Good search-term is also JPA).

Refer to the manual of your choice for more details about those.

Vaadin offers for example JPAContainer to make integrating Databases easier.

I was able to play a little bit with JPAContainer however I don’t know how to use it with mysql.

For the addressbook demo application it uses H2 driver. I need to use mysql

And for the addressbook it uses demo data on a class named DemoDataGenerator. I don’t want that I want mysql tables…

I have googled it with no luck.

Any chances you guys could point me to the right direction ?

I am already very thankful for all your help so far.

Thank You!