Issues with CRUD custom editor?

Hi guys,
I have added a test app here:

Java object:
public class TestObj {

boolean enabled;

LocalDateTime timestamp;

String name;


We are using a CRUD component and trying to add a custom editor:

render() {
return html <vaadin-crud .items="${this.items}"> <vaadin-form-layout slot="form"> <vaadin-checkbox label="Enabled" path="enabled"></vaadin-checkbox> <vaadin-date-time-picker label="Timestamp" path="timestamp"></vaadin-date-time-picker> <vaadin-text-field label="Name" path="name"></vaadin-text-field> </vaadin-form-layout> </vaadin-crud> ;

But the values of our data objects are not mapped to the UI components:

  • the checkbox is not checked if enabled=true.
  • the LocalDateTime timestamp is also not showing in the vaadin-date-time-picker component
  • the validation annotation for Name is not respected in the CRUD component.

If I use the default editor it works, but then it is all text fields and not what we want to use.
Am I missing something?

Does it work if you change:
<vaadin-crud .items=“${this.items}”>
to be:
<vaadin-crud include=“timestamp, name” .items=“${this.items}”>

Thanks, but it does not make a difference.

@yummy-rhino any other suggestion? :pensive:

I had a typo, = missing in my code