Issues with AddThis add-on


would it be possible to add a Listener to addThis widget, so by clicking on it, also a different action can be performed?

Another issue is the integration with Facebook. Provided description is not taken, it would be nice to be able to choose which picture is published with the link.

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I also have the same problem with the Facebook integration with image and description… :frowning:

I think this could be possible, but not sure if the original action can be cancelled. So, it would only be for notifying the application about a share event.

I’m not too familiar with the Facebook descriptions. The “addthis:description” is not supported by the current server-side API, but that should not be a big thing to add. You think, this Is what is needed?


I successfully added Google Plus One to my vaaaadin app. But when I click it, I get this icon which is mention on this
. Any ideas?

The ALchemist

Firstly, I really like the Addon. Up until recently, I’ve been using it with no problems.

Recently, though I changed my layout for one of the pages I use AddThis on, from HorizontalLayout, to a GridLayout. Now the while page does not show. If I remove the AddThis widget from the page, it all works ok again.

Here’s my code:

      AddThis addthis = new AddThis () ;
      addthis.setSizeFull() ;
      mainLayout.addComponent(addthis, 3, 0) ;

Any ideas?