Issues deploying on WLP


I have an issue deploying my application on Websphere Liberty Profile. In my Eclipse I have a local server and everything is fine testing my application. But when I give the EAR-File (made by exporting the project as ear) to deployment and they deploy it, there is nothing to be found in the URL.

I’ve talked to deployment and they zhing my application.xml may be the problem.

So can someone of you maybe help me with this problem?

Maybe my deployment is wrong and I have to build my ear file in another way.

Best regards

Now I’m one step further and vaadin is correctly stating a sessoin and redirects every call to /login so the use rhas to verfy. But I get an error in the browser that

Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle "http://d100aeu93002.d100.intern:9048/atc/VAADIN/static/push/vaadinPush.js?v=1.4.3". atc:1

In english it should be
Failed to load …

I’m using Vaadin 13.

Best Regards D.