Issue with Vite migrating from Vaadin v22 to Hilla 1.2.7

Hi all,
We are migrating to Hilla 1.2.7 and trying to our project to work with Vite, but are seeing an error in the browser (Attached screenshot):

[mobx] Encountered an uncaught exception that was thrown by a reaction or observer component, in: ‘Reaction[When@18]’ TypeError: Failed to set the ‘adoptedStyleSheets’ property on ‘ShadowRoot’: Failed to convert value to ‘CSSStyleSheet’.

The error seems to come from the components that use scss.

In order for scss to work, we have added a types.d.ts file and included in our tsconfig file:
declare module ‘*.scss’ {
import { CSSResult} from ‘lit’;
const styles: CSSResult;
export default styles;

I saw this issue with Vite and CSS and wonder if it is related?:

Usually this works with webpack in our components:

import globalStyles from ‘Frontend/global-styles.scss’;

And then:

static get styles() {
return [globalStyles];

Yes, this is related. I guess this could be related to the fact that the plugin we use does not have .scss added to the "include" in the config.
As a result, SCSS files are not processed by the plugin, and instead handled by Vite, which ends up in the same problem as before

Please create a new issue in Flow, as this would probably require us to update the plugin config to support SCSS files

I have created the issue here:

Are there any workarounds until a fix is provided?