Issue with V24.3.0

This keeps refreshing every few seconds automatically. App getting reloaded for every few seconds. I’ve not made any change. This is a direct download from

I have just tried to downalod a new app from start and run it with mvn command
It works correctly for me on Linux with Java 17.0.7. No reloads
When started from the IDE, the app is restarted when code is changed because of live reload

The problem is, it gets reloaded for every action. Just click the editor in the IDE, it gets reloaded.

What IDE? I cannot see this behavior on Intellij IDEA

same Intellij IDEA. Let me record a video

And what operating system?


Do you mind creating an issue on Vaadin Flow repository with all relevant informations (IDE + version, O.S., Java version, …)
Attaching the video would also be good

Couldn’t reproduce it with Mac. @nice-camel what version of IntelliJ do you use?

If you use 2023 version, please check the On frame deactivation flag and turn it off and try again. Just a random thought.

Might be helpful also to change “save files” settings in IntelliJ IDEA, Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Autosave

Also, if you add to, this might give additional insights what files are changed

After updating to 24.3.0 my Java live reload is somehow broken. Whenever I edit and save a file the server restarts and the browser reloads to the PWA Offline page. The browser constantly logs: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'enable') (vaadin-dev-tools.js:826). Do you have any idea ?

also when I then reload the page manually it loads the page correctly

@nice-camel usually the problem of refreshing is because of service workers. Unregister all service workers related to Vaddin , should solve your problem in your browser

Sorry, I do not know about service workers. Can you please detail this ?

Hi guys, after upgrading my Vaadin from 24.2.3 to 24.3.0, I got this error

[WARNING] Error injecting: com.vaadin.flow.plugin.maven.PrepareFrontendMojo
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/vaadin/flow/di/Lookup

I already upgrade my Spring Boot to 3.2 and checked my .m2/repository directory as well and all dependencies has been downloaded

This should be fixed by

if you open the Chrome DevTools, then go Application->Service workers, you’ll see the list of registered service workers, then you can try to unregister the ones for localhost.

I have no idea how this is possible as PrepareFrontendMojo is in flow-plugins, which depends on flow-server, that in turn includes Lookup. There might be that your pom.xml has the old 24.2.3 version somewhere, so that vaadin-maven-plugin is of one version and other Vaadin deps are of another. If the issue is still valid for you, please create a new issue in Vaadin Flow repo in Github and provide us your pom configuration, we’ll investigate. Thanks!