Issue w/ horizontal scrollbar in Grid

I face the following issue when using the Vaadin version (7.6.0).

I have a grid w/ some columns. I resize the browser window in a way to make the horizontal scroll bar appear. After that i move the scrollbar to the rightmost position. After that i maximize browser window and then minimize it back to the previous size. And after that step the horizontal scroll bar disappears making the scrolling feature in grid disabled, i.e. i can’t scroll to look for the values in hidded columns.

is it a bug in vaadin or anything else?

Thank you.

Maybe some additional info is needed to clarify this question? The problem is that when scrollbar disappears user can’t see the values in the first columns (because they are becoming hidden) Is there any API to set the hor. scrollbar at some needed point? if i resize some column width the hor. scrollbar appears at its correct pos & size. But when I make a mouse click on it to drag - it disappears again.

Unfortunately I can reproduce this issue on Vaadin samples here:

Weird thing is that in my app this issue can b reproduced any time, but in the sample above I had to play a bit to reproduce it.

I’m attaching a screenshot w/ this issue (MissingScrollBar.png)

Another issue is in the 2nd screenshot: sometimes the runner of hor. scrollbar is moving outside the grid (Outside.png is attached)

I experienced the same. 2 Columns, second colum is relatively wide. When I select an entry in the right column, the horizontal scrollbar is missing. And I can’t sroll back to the first column. The only wokaround I found is to click somewhere left of the column

More or less the same problem here.
I have a grid with two fixed columns and a button (above the grid, not in it) that can add 8 more columns or remove those eight columns again.
It goes wrong when I try the following:
1 I show the extra columns (grid.setColumns(“fixed1”, “fixed2”, “col1”, …, “col8”))
2 I move the scrollbar to a random position that’s not completely left
3 I remove the extra columns (grid.setColumns(“fixed1”, “fixed2”))
4 I make them available again (grid.setColumns(“fixed1”, “fixed2”, “col1”, …, “col8”))

From this point on the horizontal scrollbar disappears and I can’t even scroll with my mousewheel etc.

Anybody found a workaround for it? Or is this being addressed by the Vaadin team?

Using Vaadin 7.7.0

Same issue also.
Have also posted for this with no reply yet POST:"
Grid scroll issue when browser is minimize and then maximize
Someone created also a ticket but not resolved yet(ticked #19189).

Found a workaround, not ideal, but it works:

I removed the grid from my design and added it prgrammatically. If I want to expand the grid with the extra columns, I just use the (grid.setColumns(“fixed1”, “fixed2”, “col1”, …, “col8”) as before, but when I want to remove those columns I remove the grid in it’s entirety and create it from scratch. And voila, scrollable again.

As I said, not ideal, and probably not useable for some, but to others this might be a temporary workaround until this issue is fixed.