Issue tracking for new forum?

Hello Vaadin Team.

Congratulations for the release of this new Forum. I like it very much, and am already looking forward to answering questions from the community.

However, I already have noticed some minor issues which I would like to report.
What is the best way to report them?

I can see that the github repo for got archived. Should I just create a post here in the General category of the forum? Or is there going to be a github for issues with the new forum?

Cheers to you all

PS: the issue I’d like to open is:

  • The red ‘last visit’ divider in the list views is never really up to date. It confuses me more than it helps.

Posting here is good for now. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

The last visit divider is a Discourse core feature, need to check if they have an open issue for it. Hopefully it gets fixed in an update soon.