Is there any way to change "Username" label in LoginForm?

As in subject i cant find a way anywhere, is there even a solution to this?

The Login form is completely translateable using the LoginI18n. With it you can define any String that is displayed.

LoginForm login = new LoginForm();

private LoginI18n createLoginI18n(){
	LoginI18n i18n = LoginI18n.createDefault();
	/*  not sure if needed 
	i18n.setHeader(new LoginI18n.Header());
	i18n.setForm(new LoginI18n.Form());
	i18n.setErrorMessage(new LoginI18n.ErrorMessage());
	// define all visible Strings to the values you want
	// this code is copied from above-linked example codes for Login
	// in a truly international application you would use i.e. `getTranslation(USERNAME)` instead of hardcoded string values. Make use of your I18nProvider
	i18n.getHeader().setTitle("Nome do aplicativo");
    i18n.getHeader().setDescription("Descrição do aplicativo");
    i18n.getForm().setUsername("Usuário"); // this is the one you asked for.
    i18n.getForm().setTitle("Acesse a sua conta");
    i18n.getForm().setForgotPassword("Esqueci minha senha");
    i18n.getErrorMessage().setTitle("Usuário/senha inválidos");
        .setMessage("Confira seu usuário e senha e tente novamente.");
        "Caso necessite apresentar alguma informação extra para o usuário"
            + " (como credenciais padrão), este é o lugar.");
    return i18n;

edit: this can be done without needing to have a multi-language application (no I18nProvider etc)

Thanks a lot that worked.