is there any ui layout tool for itmill?

hi all
is there any ui layout tool for itmill?

Yes. For editing CustomLayout templates, you can use any HTML editor (dreamweaver, …)


No, but we are in process of building full blown wysiwyg editor for IT Mill Toolkit. First preview should be available in June.

Why not post something of the forthcoming UI Editor right now? Or is it going to be closed product?

Better sooner than later…

It going to free and open.

Unfortunately we are still in early phase of the design, so there is not too much to post yet. We’ll get back with this asap.

Any help from

Thanks for plugging my little tool Ville :wink:

Unfortunately the Toolkitr hasn’t yet been updated to the new version 5.3.x, until then it might not be that useful.

I’ll try to get it updated asap.


Ok, it didn’t take long for me to fall into the trap of updating the Toolkitr to the latest version of IT Mill Toolkit (v 5.3.1). :slight_smile:


And the documentation

Haven’t updated the docs yet though, so please mentally switch all OrderedLayout to Horizontal and VerticalLayout where needed.


Updating old threads…

The new Eclipse plugin includes a wysiwyg editor (at the time of writing still an ‘experimental preview release’):