Is there any kind of column virtualization for grid or gridPro?

Currently i am trying to display data retrieved from a database in the UI. Received results could easily exceed 100 columns.
The currently working approach uses a non-Vaadin Grid control - that one is working, but has some disadvantages compared to Vaadin.
But what that grid has is a column virtualization, which prevents data in columns to be rendered if they are not visible (quite similar to Vaadin Grid’s lazy loading for rows - user scrolls, then data is loaded if required)

I could not find any similar possibility in Vaadin, is there any functionality, or something on the roadmap?
Grid’s lazy loading itself is a cool feature and works well, except when there are lots of columns (e.g. 100).
The more columns the grid has, the slower is the visual update after scrolling.

I don’t have a solution but I’m curious. What’s the use case the display a grid with so many columns?

Displaying the result of a potentially very complex SQL query resulting in many columns

This enhancement is tracked in this issue:

thanks, that exactly describes my needs. Hopefully this will be adressed soon.