Is there an equivalent of FileDownloader in v10?

Vaadin 8 has a FileDownloader component

Is there something similar in v10?

You can get similar results at least with this snippet:

Anchor downloadLink = new Anchor(createResource(), "Download");
downloadLink.getElement().setAttribute("download", true);

(createResource being the same as in the above docs example)

Thanks Olli, I will give that a try.

The Anchor solution above, works with static resources. However, I cannot find a way to generate the file to download dynamically the way we used to do in Vaadin 7 & 8. Is this still possible. Where can I find examples with Flow?

Anchor solution works for dynamic resource (see createResource method inside the linked documentation.

The resource is generated when user clicks on the anchor.
For example:

private void init() {
        StreamResource resource = new StreamResource("export.xlsx",

    private InputStream createExport(){
        return null;

Yes! There is.

With an Anchor component all you need is set it up without caption/text and add a button component. Example:

  Anchor download = new Anchor(new StreamResource("filename.ext", () -> createResource()), "");
  download.getElement().setAttribute("download", true);
  download.add(new Button(new Icon(VaadinIcon.DOWNLOAD_ALT)));

Pay attetion that StreamResource is the com.vaadin.flow.server.StreamResource class.