Is there a way to force a vaadin framework to reload from server side equiv

I have simple vaadin panels. Sometimes a new window does not show and clicking on browser’s reload button will bring out the new window. I wonder if there is a method to cause the same effect from server side code. Thanks for anyone who can help this rookie question.

It’s hard to say much based on your description. Which Vaadin version are you using? Are you talking about Window components or browser windows? What do you do when you’re showing a window? How is this connected to your Vaadin panels?

Sorry for not being clear. This is vaadin 6 code. Vaadin panel is on a vaadin window and displayed in a browser window. The sequence is:

  1. vaadin window A is added main window and it is displayed.
  2. Click button A on window A that caused service side to add vaadin window B to main window (window B is a modal window and smaller than window A). Window B is displayed on top of window A.
  3. Click OK button on window B. Server will remove window B and update window A. This update is done by composing a new instance of window A (let call it window A’) and remove window A from main window and add window A’ to main window. The window A’ is displayed.
  4. click on button B on window A’. The service side will add a modal window B’ to main window. This service code is the same as that added window B earlier. However, this time, window B’ was not displayed. It seems that vaadin though window A’ should be on the top, so window B’ is covered although it is on the main window.
  5. At this point, if I click on reload button on the browser window, vaadin window B’ will be displayed on top of window A’, the expected result.
    Therefore, I am asking if I can trigger from server side to achieve the same effect of clicking on browser’s reload button.