Is there a migration path from v14 starter apps to hilla?

We have an old application base that uses the v14 starter (spring boot) as it’s foundation - but we have extensive offline support and would like to use react in the front end to give us a lot more flexibility than PolymerElements.

Is there an upgrade path / docs to hilla from old starter apps? Or are we better off starting with a hilla base and bringing in our spring boot code that way?


I’d start with a Hilla base, especially since you’re coming from v14. With the upcoming Vaadin 24.4, you might have some options: React hybrid routing · Issue #4710 · vaadin/platform · GitHub

Yeah I had a bit of a read and I tend to agree, our platform is such it probaly wouldn’t be too much work to start with a hilla base and just bring in our services and the like as most of those should require minimal changes due to hilla - then we get all the front end benefits.

We don’t have about ~8 CRUD panels and 1 complex (front-end panel that we want to convert to react).