Is there a "directory" of extra components?

I’ve found the “incubator” repository with some components.
Is it the central place where all contributed components are to be found?

Or is there a directory of components made by contributors?


Hi John,

The incubator contains most of published code, but there is some stuff in the
also. There is a directory project but it is still on the idea stage. For more information see
. I’m waiting for it to realize so I can push my components in it :slight_smile:

We are still in planning phase for introducing more sophisticated component “directory”. Until then - browse the incubator and contrib - and remember to tell about any new components you commit on forums.


I think it’d be great I someone could find some time to setup even a basic version of a more convenient directory. That’d benefit the community also in solely a positive manner.
Yeah, I know there’s time “no free time” issue, but just expressing my thoughts.

// Jonas

The most basic version could be just a wiki page:
with a list of components in incubator and in contrib? Any volunteers?

As an update - there will be a full featured directory for components. Current plan is:

Schedule has not been written in stone yet, but my expectation is to have limited beta ready before the end of year and open the directory in Q1

Until then - incubator + contrib is probably the best we got as no-one has stepped forwards and volunteered for creating a temporary wiki page.