Is reindeer theme still supported in Vaadin 8?

…perhaps via the compatibility package?..

I ask because I have a bit of reindeer-specific CSS that I’ve clung to that makes windows have less garishly huge title areas and close/maximize icons (and, to be honest, I only know css and haven’t found the time to learn/appreciate scss). I’ve seen in the Valo theme demo that there’s a “Reindeer migrate” theme, but that affects more than just Windows. Is there a demo for Vaadin 8 default component looks yet? e.g. has the Vaadin sampler page ( been updated to Vaadin 8?

Any info as always appreciated,

The only shipped theme with version 8 is the Valo theme, but all the old themes are available in the
package. Just include it, and it should be fine.

The sampler has been updated to use 8.0, and there are basically none visible changes for the components, only some default settings have changed. See the
visual changes list
from the release notes.