Is possible to combine Vaadin 8 and a Tomcat 9.x based websocket project

I want to combine a Vaadin 8 application and a existing websocket project?

Is this possible? I must ensure, that the path of the endpoint of the websocket co-exists with the Vaadin mapping.

A additional servlet with path is possible - annotation or web.xml.

But how can I integrate an endpoint of the websocket in the scope of Vaadin 8?

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I “fixed” this problem for me by switching to following websocket library

Before I played with Javalin, a very versatile web framework. But this lib is tied to Jetty Server which conflicts in a Tomcat environment. I know, there is the possibility to integrate Javalin inside Tomcat - but this did not work for the ws part.

Java-WebSocket is completely independent of the websocket layer of the the web container. Also you can start multiple independent websocket servers.