Is multi-browser-tab supported ?

we are currently figuring out wich framework we will use for our web-app.
One of our key must-haves is the multi tab support.
Does Vaadin support it? If so please tell me how i can do.
Looking forwards to your answers.


Yes Vaadin supports multi tab.

UI-scoped beans are uniquely identified within a UI instance, that is, a browser window or tab. The lifecycle of UI-scoped beans is bound between the initialization and closing of a UI.

But it’s quite hard to tell you how to do that. It depends how you want to use Vaadin (with spring or not) and what you mean in “multitab support”.

For example, in my application:

  • I share the login (in session) so 1 browser = 1 user (user doesn’t need to login for each tab)
  • I don’t “share” data between tabs.
  • I create a search view (UI scope) saved for each tab. (if a user searchs something and come back to this page he comes back to his search. If this user opens a new tab then he got a empty search).

So short answer, I think it’s easy and done by the framework.

UI is specified when sending a request to /vaadinServlet/UIDL/?v-uiId=%ID%.