Is it possible to restrict the movement of the plane of the child windows?

For example, a window can be moved freely beyond the footer -

Perhaps, if you like to limit this movement, and if possible, how?
I would be very grateful to everyone for your advice! :smiley:

Does anyone know? :V

There’s a
for that.

I welcome you, Marko Grönroos!

Thank you very much for the link! Try to use the example given above, or wait Vaadin 7 :smiley:

There is also another ticket regarding this:

So it seems. Marked the newer one as a duplicate. Two years old? We can hope it gets targeted soon.

I welcome you, Marko Grönroos! I welcome you, Sascha Broich!

Many thanks for the info! :smiley:
Maybe you know how to solve
this problem
setting up the fonts in the table header?