Is it possible to customize the selection checkbox in a grid?

I’m looking for a way to customize the selection checkbox in a grid. The goal is to add a tooltip to provide more information and to change the tabindex value. Is there any way to do this?

There is no official API, you have to resort to JavaScript

Even tho, customizing the tab index won’t probably do what you think.

If you don’t mind the tooltip for the whole row, there is an API for it

I’d be interested in hearing what you’re looking to achieve

The intention of modifying the tabindex is aimed at enhancing keyboard navigation, allowing users to move intuitively from one Integer field to the next without unwanted interruptions caused by the grid’s selection checkboxes. This is because, in our specific scenario with multiselect and Integer fields, it makes more sense for the user experience to jump directly to the next numerical input field, rather than focusing on the checkboxes in between.

As for the issue of tooltips on selection checkboxes, the motivation is to provide additional information to users, especially when a checkbox is disabled. This helps to clarify why the selection option is disabled.

But then how will keyboard users be able to check the checkboxes if they’re not focusable?

When controlling the tabindex, it is possible to reactivate it via a keyboard shortcut or conditionally after some action. Honestly, consider that this is a very specific situation where my user needs to edit the next piece of data as quickly as possible and the accessibility of the selection may not have a significant impact.

Are you using GridPro or regular Grid with the inline editing?

I’m using the regular grid with a ComponentRenderer

Ah. In general I would recommend against field editing in ComponentRenderers. It can easily lead to weird issues and awkward data binding approaches. Which is why we build the GridPro to have cell-by-cell inline editing. It’s a Pro component though.

(We should say something about that in the documentation, come to think of it…)

But if you need to go that route, maybe you could skip the built-in selection entirely and add your own selection button in a regular column?