Is it possible to add textvaluechange listener for CKEditor

I am using ckeditor with vaadin 7. by default it doesn’t support valuchangelistener. Is there any option for it?

If you are talking about the CKEditor for Vaadin add-on, the use of a value change listener has always been supported. This is from the source that is the demo page for the widget:

		ckEditorTextField1.addValueChangeListener(new Property.ValueChangeListener() {
			public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {"CKEditor v" + ckEditorTextField1.getVersion() + "/" + getVersion() + " - #1 contents: " + event.getProperty().getValue().toString());

I need event of text type. how can we achieve it as it doesn’t have option for textchange listener. I tried valuchange listener with setimmidiate true but couldn’t work.

I have the same problem