Is Hilla - Lit ending in Vaadin/Hilla 24.4+

I am little confused over the future of Hilla Lit in 24.4. when i use the npx @hilla/cli init --lit I get a message @hilla/cli is deprecated. Use 'npm init vaadin' to create new projects

If i use npm init vaadin , i dont see any option for Flow and Hilla Lit . All the Hilla option is for React. Is Hilla Lit functionality ending?

Lit is still supported but we want to encourage new users to use the React option since we expect to focus more on that. You can use GitHub - vaadin/skeleton-starter-hilla-lit as a reference for how to structure a Vaadin 24.4 application with Hilla and Lit.

You can check out Hilla promotes React more than Lit recently? - #6 by Leif for a more elaborate description of how the React and Lit options relate to each other and what to expect in the future.