Is Hilla 24.4.0 moving me back to Vaadin?

The last half year or so I have used more or less Hilla “standalone” without much Vaadin. It just handled the Endpoints and all else seemed to be Vite doing its stuff. Now when I upgraded to 24.4.0.beta3 a lot of Vaadin things are happening with building and, workboxes, preloading of ts etc etc etc. Is this something expected or should I try to find why I accidentally have activated all this?

TL;DR Yes, intended

24.4 Beta Merges Hilla with Vaadin and Adds Copilot

Correct. You can find the upgrade guide here Upgrading Guide | Guides | Hilla | Vaadin Docs

Thanks both for the very rapid Sunday evening answers :P

It took a few hours to get all up and running, also in production. I just enjoyed the easyness with Hilla with far less magic going on.

From which Hilla version are you upgrading to the latest beta?

There a few new things, that were added recently, that do some kind of magic, like FS Router, AutoCrud, AutoGrid or AutoForm or the ability to mix Hilla and Flow views.

Version 24.4 brings Hilla and Flow closer together and you see the term “vaadin” more often now, but the core concepts of Hilla haven’t changed with 24.4, when you’re upgrading from 2.x.

Would be interesting to understand how you have been using Hilla with prior versions? It sounds like you have picked some specific low-level dependencies rather than using the main dev.hilla:hilla or dev.hilla:hilla-react dependencies that already bundle everything together?

I moved from 2.5.0.

I tried to be as clean as possible. And the site is built with Vaadin Router and Lit only. Component-wise we only use the awesome VaadinGrid Component. The rest we use Google Material Design for.

The most obvious change is the workbox filling up the console.log with info. 80% of everything in the console window is the workbox. And that I had to move around icons and stuff to get things going. Before everything was just to add to the frontend catalog and it works. Now I need to know Vaadin and put things in the right places. I presume it is because of really good reasons, better performance (which I love) and such. And it async-loading everything for performance, but 90% of the site will never be used by the user, so it is unnecessary loading. These kind of stuff.

I was importing the dev.hillla:hilla before, So I guess I got everything before as well. It just felt cleaner and more basic.

Want to end with that I really love using this stuff even with the comments above :slight_smile:

Those Workbox messages are printed by the service worker that is installed whenever @PWA is enabled (by annotating the application’s main class or a separately defined AppShellConfigurator). I don’t think we have made any changes related to that between Hilla 2.5 and Vaadin 24.4.

The tricky thing is that the service worker remains installed for e.g. localhost:8080 from a previously launched application even if the current application doesn’t have @PWA enabled. Manually uninstalling the service worker throw through browser’s inspector will make the messages disappear until the next time you open an application with @PWA on the same host and port.

Could it be that you have recently tried out some example application with @PWA enabled and then this makes it seem like things have changed due to updating to Vaadin 24.4? Otherwise, we would have to start looking for regressions in this area since we haven’t intended to make any such changes.

You sure know your codebase :slight_smile: Yes, one thing I “moved” during the move was from a manually created manifest-file to the @PWA notation since it seemed to be the Vaadin-way of doing things.

You can check this commit for different kinds of package renamings and other tweaks needed in migration from Flow 2.5 to 24.4.0