is DefaultFieldFactory in Vaadin 8 missing ?

I really don’t understand.
In Vaadin 7, from a Pojo, using the DefaultFieldFactory, it was very easy to create a form without specify a component ( i.e. Textfield ) specific for each pojo’s attribute…

It seems that in Vaadin 8 there is not a DefaultFieldFactory to render automatically each attribute, but instead it seems that I have to create a custom “factory”, I mean a custom FormLayout for each pojo and than use the binder to …?

Is there a way to have a genertic tool to create a form from a pojo, just to visualize it ?

I have tons of pojo, it’s quite impossible to create a specific FormLayout for them all…

You have done a great job with grids, why it is not so easy with forms ?

But maybe I can’t find the right tutorial about that…

DefaultFieldFactory and the old Form component is pretty handy indeed for certain use cases, but it uses totally different kind of approach for databinding that Binder does.

Vaadin 8 don’t contain anything similar in the core packages, but if you need something like that, I’d just use the Form from the compatibility package.

An effort for automatically generated forms might be worth. It might be pretty popular add-on.


Thanks Matti.