is Chromium browser supported?

I know that Chrome is on the list but how about Chromium? Should I assume that they are the same or is that a completely different thing for Vaadin?

Chromium uses the same internal rendering engine etc. as Chrome, from source code released by Google.
Effectively Chromium is Chrome minus a few Google proprietary or separately licensed parts such as the built-in PDF viewer.

Vaadin is not automatically tested on Chromium, but should work just as it does on the corresponding version of Chrome.

Thank you for your answer. The reason I was asking is because I’m seeing some problems with Vaadin applications on that browser and I didn’t want to bother developers with Trac tickets if it’s irrelevant.
So I guess it does make sense to report then?

I’m facing issue while using vaadin plupload addons on chromium browser. Is chromium browser support to plupload vaadin addons?