IPC between different Browsers/Computers

Several users (in fact several humans logged in to liferay via one single account) shall work on the same data using the same portlet on different computers.
Wenn one user saves changes to the DB, all other users shall see that immediately. A simple mechanism that tells all these portlets to renew the data should be enough.

For that i tried the IPC addon, sending an event to itself. But the event is not sent to the same portlet opened in a different browser (on same page, same user).

So, how can i send events to the same portlet but in another browser?

thanks in advance…

IPC doesn’t work this way. Different Browsers mean different sessions, so you habe to implement it yourself.

hmmmm, any idea/tipp how to implement that? Would like to solve it a more elegant way than polling…

But unfortunately there is no other way than saving the changes from Person A to some cross-session-datastore (e. g. a database) and make Person B polling for changes. There are some good polling-support-addons like Refresher in the directory.

One might also try to circumvent session-isolation by using static variables (then everybody would see the same values as long as they are on the same JVM), but those solutions don’t scale, bring all types of synchronization-problems and are at least “hacky”. And because only the server-side state would be affected, it would require polling anyways.