Invoice Addon

I need to take an invoice through some invoice addon.
I also worked on vaadin JPA Container, but that doesn’t work for me. Please help me in finding one.


It would help if you would describe a little more on what you are trying to achieve. Is the invoice a PDF, and you would like to show it within your UI? Then Embedded would probably be the UI component that you want and you want to give the file to it as a Resource, with for example FileResource, StreamResource or ExternalResource.

Thanks for thre response sir.
I need a customized PDF exporter widget. My requirement is to customize a PDF before generating.

Sounds like it is not a UI problem then, but you need the possiblity to modify PDF’s from Java. There are plenty of frameworks around. Does for example
suit your needs?

There is also this recent blog post:

Sounds interesting even though i haven’t personally tested it yet.

I worked on Vaadin JPAContainer previously, but it didn’t work for me as per my requirement.
Facing some issues with cdi jars. Please suggest me with any other alternative.

I want to export layout to PDF will it possible in vaadin 7.
In vaadin 6 Pdfexport is suitable for our requirement but we are using vaddin 7.Please suggest me.


It would help if you could tell us how you exported a layout in Vaadin 6…
Did you use some kind of Vaadin add-on or another Java Library? If yes, which one?

i exported a layout using PDFEXPORT ADDON in Vaadin6.

Hmm. You started with talking about invoices and JPAContainer, and now it is about producing PDF’s of the UI itself. I’m not really sure which part you want.

But if you just need PDFExport that works with Vaadin 7, then porting it yourself shouldn’t be very hard. I looked through the code and it is a big if-else clause that looks if a component is a TextField, Table, TextArea, Select, HorizontalLayout, VerticalLayout, Form, Label or Field and then has custom code to turn that component’s content into text. Then it puts that text into the PDF that it is writing.

I guess changing a few getApplcation to getUI would get you far in the conversion process.