InvientChartsLabel not updated

Hello all!

I’m trying to add a custom label to my InvientCharts chart if there is no data to be displayed (depending on the date range set by the user).
The problem is that the InvientChartsLabel doesn’t get updated when I add/remove items to it, so the label is either always or never displayed regardless of wheather there is data to be displayed or not. Here is my code to update the chart:

ChartLabelItem label = new ChartLabelItem("USER_DIDNT_PRACTICE",
						"{left: '120px',top: '120px',color: 'darkgray', fontWeigh: 'bold', fontSize: '20px'}");
if (noDataToDisplay){
    chart.getConfig().getChartLabel().setLabels(new LinkedList<ChartLabelItem>());

//do some stuff to update series


The only way to make this work so far has been to completely destroy the chart and create a new one.
However this has some side effects that I don’t really want to deal with.
Is there any other way to make this work?