InvientCharts Master&Detail / Timeline UTC dates

I wrote a Timeline component based on your Master&Detail example.
When it displays I noticed that the dates are offset eg. it shows 28 Feb in stead of 1 March.
After some digging I think it is because of a UTC vs. Local time mismatch.
After some googling, I added the following to my vaadin component and it seems to fix my problem for now:

        getWindow().executeJavaScript("Highcharts.setOptions({\n" +
            "    global: {\n" +
            "        useUTC: false\n" +
            "    }\n" +

PS. I also have some weird refreshing bug. Like every 5th refresh the detail graph disappears for some reason.
Is your source code version controlled somewhere so that I can see if you may have fixed this already or maybe I can even dig in a little and contribute stuff.
(I would not really like to fork it)
Also let me know if there is a better place to discuss these sort of things, the forum seems so … loosely organised with 5 variations on each tag.

Yes, currently the only way to set global options, which apply to all instances of the chart, is with JavaScript.

The source is not available outside our organization. However, the source code for the latest release is distributed as part of the InvientChart’s zip file. As of now, we do not have any other place to discuss these sort of things so please continue to post on Vaadin forum.

It would be helpful if you can post your code.


I finally gotten round to somehow get my code into a state that will be runnable by you by adding it to the demo app that you ship
(under the line group you will see a timeline link).
I use
bazaar dvcs
which you can download
Get the code like this:

alternatively I also uploaded a complete version

So I still have the same problem that half the time the masterchart appears in funny places or even replaces the detail chart.
I’ve tried lots of layout configurations and can’t get it to work reliably.
In my version I also upgraded highcharts, jquery and vaadin; and added highchart themes to see if that makes a difference, but it doesn’t.

Any hints, debug tips or suggestions welcome.

added some screenshots: