Invient charts Time data with irregular intervals


I would like to create a graph with :

  • Date as X axis
  • Value as Y axis.

I have to display three curves on the same graphes.

The dates are not following a sequence.
For example, I have :

Graph One : [01/01/2012, 100.00]
, [01/02/2012, 105.00]
, [01/06/2012, 110.00]

Graph Two : [01/02/2012, 100.00]
, [01/03/2012, 105.00]
, [01/05/2012, 110.00]

Graph Three: [02/02/2012, 100.00]
, [02/03/2012, 105.00]
, [31/05/2012, 110.00]
, 01/06/2012, 102.00]

So, the “X axis” does not present a sequence for the date.
All the curves do not have the same X axis values.
All the graphes do not contain the same number of point.

I saw a lot of examples with datetime axis, but this axis relies on sequentials values (starting point + frequency (every day, week, …)).
I would like to have an axis like the one described here before.

Did someone already encounter this kind of request ,

Thanks in advance



did you find a workaround for this?



What I did has been to set those Dates out of the intervals with values to ‘null’. due to the fact that DateTimePoint class has method setY defined as private, I have gone directly to the field ‘y’.

DateTimePoint mtp = new DateTimePoint(.......etc...);

Field fieldY = mtp.getClass().getDeclaredField("y");
fieldY.set(mtp, null);

In this way the chart is properly displayed.