Invient chart refreshing problem

How to refresh the data on invient chart when it has been already created?

Because this doesn’t work. Executing this peace of code twice with value=10 and the second time with value=50, the second time a result is shown with initial value 10:

seriesData = null;
seriesData = new XYSeries("Example");
seriesData.setSeriesPoints(getPoints(seriesData, value)

Thank you.

InvientCharts does have a refresh() method (or was it reload?), but some options are not correctly repainted with it. I found out that i need to recreate the chart in most cases.

Thank you Thomas.

I solved that by recreating the chart. But it is a pity, that so popular add-on doesn’t have simple refresh() or reload() function and user need to do work arounds.