Invalid Thread Access when creating customcomponent

I’ve just installed Vaadin Plugin into my Eclipse according to the instructions

When I try to create a custom component it opens the dialog that asks me for the source folder etc
When I click Finish (next is greyed) it pops up with Invalid Thread Access.

Actually the first time I do this after restarting eclipse the error dialog is just “org/hibernat/eclipse/nature/HibernateNature”
My Vaadin project doesn’t use hibernate but the plugins for hibernat are installed because other projects I have use it.

My project has the Vaadin Eclipse Integration Facet and already has Vaadin code in it which works fine. I want to try out the newer plugin features.

Eclipse Plugin: Vaadin Eclipse Integration
Eclipse version: 3.6.1 (Helios)
O/S Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit

If I look at Eclipse’s ‘what’s already installed’ I see
Vaadin Bundle for Eclipse
Vaadin Eclipse Integration
Vaadin Visual Editor (EXPERIMENTAL)

I see there is a solved bug in TRAC referring to creating a widget giving this problem. This is a different problem because I am not creating a widget.

Thanks for any help

It looks like it was the Hibernate plugin causing the problem. I deleted that and now I get another problem I’ll go research.
Actually the component seems to generate now because I get a java file. When I open it I get a different problem.
So if you’re having the above problem try removing the Hibernate plugin.