invalid LOC header in

I’m having a weird problem with some vaadin 7.1.10 Jar files. Eclipse says that META-INF/MANIFEST.MF files have “invalid LOC header (bad signature)” and therefore refuses to include those jars in the classpath.

I’ve experienced this same problem previously, but I think it was fixed with a recent version update. Now I’m experiencing it w/ vaadin-server-7.1.10.jar. All the class files seem to be okay, but MANIFEST.MF seems to be a problem for Eclipse.I’m fetching artifacts directly from the Maven Central repository.

Any ideas?


Okay, there seems to be something wrong w/ Eclipse Maven integration. I deleted all the 7.1.10 files from the local repository and fetched them again using the regular command line mvm:

$ rm -Rf ~/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/vaadin-/7.1.10/
$ mvn dependency:resolve

Now it works.

I suspect this was caused by a corrupted or interrupted download of the JAR. The manifest is always the first entry in a JAR so that is where you might see the first problem.