Introduction to Vaadin Development


I am trying to follow the basic tutorial from that video, but unfortunatelly have already hit some obstacles : ).

Tutorial uses HorizontalSplitPanel, which is deprecated. In a Video, which seems to use RC of Vaadin 7 there is no sign of deprecation, which should usually (?) anyway not be a problem…

Now the ‘real’ problem is that the method setContent() doesn’t want to accept HorizontalSplitPanel as an argument.The error I am getting is “The method setContent(Component) in the type UI is not applicable for the arguments (HorizontalSplitPanel)”
The suggestions are to use different method like paintContent, setParent etc., or to create setContent(HorizontalSplitPanel).

Further the HorizontalSplitPanel doesn’t have an addComponent() method at all…? Now I am thinking that the problem could be with my instalation, or is it something else?

I have also tried to use SplitLayoutPanel as a docu for HorizontalSplitPanel suggests, but I am little overwhelmed with this now.

I would appreciate any comment, or suggestion what could I do to continue with the tutorial…


I have forgotten to mention that I am using Vaadin 7.1.11, installed with Vaadin plugin for Ecplise 2.1. Eclipse version is Kepler. Java version is Oracle 64 bit 1.7.0_51 for Linux.



The problem was I imported from GWT, instead of Vaadin.