Intranet Server

Hi All,

I am just beggining with vaadin and have some doubts about the server part.

I’ve always bee using Apache + php + Mysql and now I am planning touse vaadin + Mysql +

I am developping an application for an Intranet that will run on a W2008 server.

The doubt I have is the software I must use to run the applcation, both Tomcat and Jetty seem very easy to use and deploy,

can use any of them or must I go to liferay or something like that ? Do I need a powerfull server (ram, cpu, etc)

there will be no more than 150 users but with little load.

Thank you for your help.

Tomcat works fine under Windows. Liferay is not needed for a standard Vaadin application. Unless you do something very strange, 150 users is probably 30-50 megs for your sessions. Even if it was 10 times that (say 500 Megs), you would still be fine with a 4GB 32bit server (roughly 1,5GB memory size limit). But since you mention W2008, I assume you will be running 64bits. So even a small server should do. Typically the bottleneck will not be on the web server but rather on the database server. But this has absolutely nothing to do with Vaadin – you need to pay attention to your queries no matter what toolkit you use.

Ok,Thank you François.

Yes I am planning to use a 64 bits box with 4 GB Ram and a RAID1 with 7200RPM disk.

The database will be MYSQL and I thought jetty was better than Tomcat ¿?

An other doubt is if I must use something like hibernate or JPA o directly use MYSQL. I come from php + mysql

and I don’t know if Hibernate is something complex to setup , but I know it has advantages (waht about JPA?)


I use both Jetty and Tomcat. They are both good. I find it easier to run Tomcat as a stand-alone service for production, and I prefer Jetty for development.
The JPA 2.0 support in Hibernate works quite well. They both serve the same purpose – map databases to objects, and handle all the nightmare around consistency and caching. The nice thing about JPA is that you could switch to other providers such as EclipseLink or OpenJPA if for some reason Hibernate does not fill your need.