Internet Explorer widgetset loading failure for Vaadin application with two

I have an application with two VaadinServlets that works fine with Firefox and Chrome. However, when viewing in IE, the page does not load the formatting correctly:


Internet Explorer (11 Edge):

Of note, IE loads with the following errors and warnings:

Also of note, I am compiling the Widgetset and Theme to the WebContent\VAADIN\widgetsets directory (where WebContent corresponds to one of the my contexts/Servlets) and copying the resulting files to the ManagerWebContent\VAADIN\widgetsets directory for the other context/Servlet:

<See Context&WidgetsetDirectories attachment>

Finally, IE 11 seems to use the gecko format, so I have the following specified in my Dxsg_ng3Widgetset.gwt.xml:

The only thing I can think of is that I do not use the @JavaScript annotation for the generated js files above. However, I don’t think I should have to do so for automatically generated widgetsets.
To recap, this does not happen in a simpler application containing only one context/VaadinServlet. Can anyone tell what the problem is or experienced similar problems in the past?

Kiitos/Thank you,


means that the widgetset is ONLY compiled for that browser. To support multiple browsers, either add the definitions to that line, or remove the line altogether.


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, commenting out the “user.agent” line yields the same result as setting its value to gecko1_8. I tried using the the value “ie11” with the following widgetset compilation failure.

Starting GWT compiler
Loading inherited module ‘com.example.dxsg_ng3.widgetset.Dxsg_ng3Widgetset’
Line 18: Value ‘ie11’ in not a valid value for property ‘user.agent’

I’m not surprised that ie11 was not valid since IE11 uses the gecko web browser engine, which doesn’t work.

Thank you for your help–are there any other reasons why IE might not be executing the widgetset correctly?