Internet Explorer 9


I am planning to use Vaadin for another project. Downloaded the latest version (6.7.8).

When I ran the “Hello Vaadin User” in Tomcat 7.0, the label was not getting displayed in the
Web page but no errors either.
The browsers that I used were Internet Explorer 9 - 64 bit and 32-bit.

So, I tried it in Chrome 19.0.x, it works great!

Out of curiosity, I tried to display the Vaadin Sampler at in the
Internet Explorer browsers and I get a blank page but when I use Chrome I see the demos.

I am using Windows 7 Professional on Dell XPS L702X with 64-bit.

Do I have to make any changes on my end to view the Sampler in Internet Explorer?

If I cannot make it work in Internet Explorer, it will be a show-stopper.

Thanks in advance!
Java. K. Colo

Vaadin 6.x has full support for Internet Explorer versions 6 - 9 and all features are automatically tested using all those browsers. I just tested our Sampler using IE9 and everything seems to work as expected so I suspect the problem is somehow related to your local settings.

Do you get any messages in IE’s developer Console (opened by pressing F12) when reloading the page? You could also try adding ?debug (e.g.
) to the URL, which should open Vaadin’s built in debugging console which might also display some message that might give a clue about what’s causing your problems.

I have a faint recall on that IE’s have an issue with trailing slashes on local networks. Try out the same URL but by either having a ‘/’ in the end of it, or not having it. I think the issue goes away when you contact it over the internet