intellij widgetset compile setup


first let me say that I am new to Vaadin and very impressed. I only wish we had discovered Vaadin earlier.

I will like to know if there is any step by step approach or Intellij project template for the setup of Intellij for compiling widgetsets.

I have tried to use the ant script for Netbeans mentioned in other threads in this forum, however no success so far.
The furthest I have gotten is to compile without errors however the screen for the relevant component turns up blank.

Thank you.

Hi :

I guess you’ve probably seen this, but if not - here’s my configuration for compiling Widgetsets from IntelliJ.

And here’s someone else’s description of how to setup IntelliJ for a Vaadin application (which is pretty much how I’ve got it set up).



Hi Charles,

thank for your response.

I saw your initial post on this topic earlier, and actually tried your script. I got it to compile the widgetset without errors.

In addition to that the test app loads without errors, however the page containing the addon shows up blank.

I think that I am close.

Do you have a sample of the arguments that you passed to your script or a skeleton project file laying around?

Thank you again.


I’ve spent most of this morning trying to create a skeleton Vaadin/IntelliJ project. Up until today, I’ve been working with an old version of Intellij, which probably wouldn’t be helpful to anyone else - so, as an exercise, I’ve downloaded a triall of IntelliJ Idea v10, and have used it to create a example Vaadin project, including an add-on (Jouni’s Animator).

I’ve packaged the whole lot - including an ant file to generate the widgetset, the gwt jars, the vaadin jars, the web configuration.

It’s a bit big, but it is (should be) a fully functioning Vaadin project in IntelliJ. It was too big to attach to the forum (25Mb) so I’ve created a
BitBucket project
and uploaded everything to there.(
This should be a link to simple .zip download of everything
) You should be able to open in IntelliJ Idea 10 and - assuming a configured Tomcat - just press run. It should compile the widgetset, include it in the web application and deploy it.

Essentially, I’ve changed the ant file to generate the widgetset to a subdirectory under the main “out” directory. I’ve changed the web “artifact” to call the ant file as a pre-processor, and to include the results in the exploded web directory.

The ant file has been tweaked since my last version so that you only have to specify the name of the widgetset. This is a classname, and should match the entry in web.xml

Artifacts in IntelliJ are new to me, although they look quite powerful - there’s probably a better way to do what I’ve done.


Cheers, Charles.

Thank you very much Charles.

You provided more than I could possibly expect.

I am sure this will help many.

Thanks again

Thx! Helped me a lot!

what about themes? does anybody know where should they be put to?


Themes should go in web/VAADIN/themes/your-theme-name

e.g. if you created a theme called “skeleton” :
a) call Application.setTheme - e.g.[code]
public class SkeletonApplication extends Application {

public void init() {

b) Create a CSS file in web/VAADIN/themes/skeleton/styles.css



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