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This is nice plugin, but I have never really missed its functionality. In my own apps I basically never use parameters for the Route annotation, but use what the naming convetion gives me. Then it is easy to use other IDE features to look up relevant Java class :man_shrugging: Might be that I have had the luxury to work mostly with small to medium sized apps :sunglasses:

For me it’s the exact opposite; most of my views use route parameter cause awesome URLs for humans (even tho it’s literally hidden in the docs…)

But I also follow Mattis class name convention; so I had never the need to look up routes… BusinessObjectEditView is just the most obvious name to search for :sweat_smile:

I guess the JetBrains plugin is also quite relevant if there is some history in the project, if e.g. views have been renamed at some point, but deep linking is kept. IIRC it also supports RouteAlias, which can be tricky to locate quickly :thinking:

Most of the routes I create have parameters for bookmarking and reloading.

It’s helpful when I see the URL in the browser or in an email

There is also our own Vaadin plugin being developed Currently it improves user experience while working with Vaadin Copilot but plans are to put much more features inside.

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