IntelliJ IDEA ultimate has OS Project License for OS projects

Licensing & Upgrade

IntelliJ IDEA ultimate has OS Project License for For open source projects.

I don’t want to say: “IDEA better than Eclipse”, be easy!

But IDEA 10 has excellent bundled pack of “inspections”.

These “inspections” can make Vaadin code base better, safer, cleaner.

Please, ask about ONE license (as minimum) and run all sources through IDEA’s inspections.

IDEA code inspection short

bigger list

PS: They have free open source
Community Edition

CE is good enough for many developers.

Same apply to

license information

AMAZING Java Profiler

With those “best in class” tools Vaadin will be better :wink:

It would be even better if there would be a Vaadin plugin for it. If you agree, vote for the
Vaadin plugin feature ticket in the IntelliJ IDEA backlog


But, nevertheless, ask a license, it is painful to see how you bother with eclipse :wink:

I gave it my vote, too. Since GlassFish is an open-source project, many of us on the GlassFish team have a license and use Idea (and, of course
!). It’s very simple to develop Vaadin apps this way (*), but a Vaadin-specific plugin would be even better.

(*) 1. Create Vaadin global library. 2. Create web app. 3. 1+2.