IntelliJ IDEA support

If you are interested in Vaadin support in IntelliJ IDEA, please
vote for this ticket

Around 100 votes should be enough for getting the integration, so please spread the word.

Great idea. I voted for the IntelliJ IDEA support.

Do you know how it relates to

To be safe, I’ve voted for both.


No clear idea - probably they split 5781 to couple of new tickets. Also 5781 seems to be in backlog.

Btw, the 75348
seems to be quite popular

Why don’t you guys just write your own IDEA plugin? The IDEA plugin architecture APIs are open source. You could probably write a plugin faster than JetBrains. Can you please do it?

We would love to, but are busy doing
other things
at the moment…

I understood that the UI Part of the Visual Editor is a separate part (without Eclipse dependencies?) at least that’s what I guess from the Online-Demo

Any hints where I can find more information or browse the sources?

The visual editor Eclipse plug-in sources are
and the Eclipse-independent UI and model parts
in this sub-directory

There are other threads on the forum with information about the model and how the visual editor could be integrated with other code generation and parsing frameworks etc. If you are seriously planning to do such integration, I can provide more details and answer any relevant questions.

JetBrains just released plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to support Vaadin:

Thanks everyone for support and especially thanks to Dmitry Zhuravlev and JetBrains for developing the plugin.

Update: Version 1.4 released yesterday includes full visual editor! I have not yet properly tested plugin, but the first impression is that IDEA is very positive. And yes - they have support for widget set compilation too.

Not allowed to vote on this.

If this passes will we be able to develop add-ons in the same vein as Eclipse with the deployment capabilties for Vaadin add-ons?

now is this ticket which needs to be voted

Plugin does not work for Intellij 2016.1.3