Intellij IDEA support for Hilla

I have a problem with probably missing the IDE plugin for Hilla (or the wrong config on my side).

When I click on to “sayHello” method I would actually love to be redirected to “” not a compiled .ts file.

This standard behavior can be overridden by the custom plugin I hope.

Also, public classes and methods look unused in the IDE.

Are these features part of the already existing plugins? Or there have to be introduced a new plugin, especially for Hilla?

Without this, it’s a bad developer experience for the future. I totally understand that this is not an easy thing to do, but it’s one of the crucial parts of modern development that we’ve become used to, and we’ve used it for years (in the same language/framework). So it would be nice to make this work as well.


AFAIK, at the moment, Hilla doesn’t com with a specific plugin for IntelliJ that support those features you mentioned.

In 24.4 (which is surprizingly the next version of Hilla after 2.5.x), Hilla is adopted as part of the Vaadin Platform, and an official Vaadin IntelliJ plugin 1.0.6 is released this week for the whole platform. At the moment, the focus of this plugin is to enhance the Vaadin Copilot integration with the IDE, but the features you mentioned here could be nice enhancement candidates for the near future, indeed. Feel free to open enhancement issues in the Plugin’s Github Repository.