intellij and a dummy setupdescription


I want to get back to a bit of java development and vaadin. Installed ecplise since I see most are written about this - jused intellij before (long before). Got things going, installing add-on using Ivy and compiling, even got vaadin icon add-on working.
But I was thinging… intellij is more my IDE… as I remember :slight_smile:

installed the newest ultimate version and the vaadon plugin. I does give me the most basic hello word and I can run it. But does the plugin really do nothing at all? I found a blog post from 2012 about making intellij better saying it does widget compiling and what have you but I dont see where or how. Its all manually and thats… a bit uphill if you are new to this as I am. What files to have, where? add-ons and so on.

really nothing for intellij?

I see some desciptions, years old, about getting it to do what you need but they also sort of needs a good understanding of the tools, vaadin and so on.

so basiclly 1) what are the options for intellij, and if more or less manually setting up files 2) are they any dummy (AND I MEAN DUMMY) descriptions on A-Z getting a project up and running WITH add-on usage incl. compiling widgetsets as I think is always needed or I just picked the wrong once to try :slight_smile: