Integration demo-application in liferay


I attempt an integration of the vaadin widget in my liferay portal but after rebuilt and deploy, I have always a same error
Widgetset does not contain implementation

Anyway, to solve this problem, I try to deploy the demo application (vaadin-demo-6.5.2.war) to look if all is ok… But I don’t see the VAADIN portlet category
Portlet Categories in Add Application Window

There are no actions specific to do for deployment of demo application,
just deploy the war in webapps

For widgetset integration, I’ve done like in documention recommendation
The widget set needs to be located at /html/VAADIN/widgetsets/ and themes at /html/VAADIN/themes/ path under the portal context. You simply need to copy the contents from
under your WebContent/VAADIN directory to the tomcat-x.x.x/webapps/ROOT/html/VAADIN

After past no change, the demo webApp is deployed but there are no portlet in Application Window.

Thanks for your help

You should be able to just drop the WAR in the deploy directory and then (after some 5-20 seconds) it appears in the Add->More menu in Vaadin category.

For example:

$ unzip /download/
$ cd liferay-portal-6.0.6/
$ cd tomcat-6.0.29/bin/
$ ./ (wait until the server has started)
$ cd ..
$ cp /download/vaadin-demo-6.6.3.war deploy/

If you use Vaadin add-ons that contain a widget set or custom widgets, you need to compile them. Either manually or by using the
Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay

Thanks, in fact it’s work perfectly !!! And the widget work also (after past widgetsets folder in ROOT/html/VAADIN/widgetsets…)

But I have not resolved my problem because when I deploy in
webapps folder
it’s doesn’t work. It the same result with hot deploy.

Please do you have an idea whose the portlet is not started with webapps folder?? The web desciptor is parsed and it visible in log but not the portlet configuration, it doesn’t loaded.

Deploying a WAR in Liferay through its deploy directory does a lot more than just copying a WAR on Tomcat to the webapps folder. Among other things, it copies Liferay dependency JARs to the deployment directory, updates the web.xml there, parses Liferay specific portlet configuration files etc. For more information on this, check Liferay documentation/forum or google for more details.

Thanks it’s solved!