Integrating with Payment Gateway / Internet Banking UI


Consider a Vaadin based online shopping cart. At the checkout, the Vaadin app requires integrating with payment gateway. The screen flow control moves from the Vaadin app to that of the payment gateway → user submits credit card info + confirmation → screen flow returns back to Vaadin app.

Is this scenario possible? How?


It is possible, shouldn’t be anything special. In fact, the Vaadin directory (add-ons in the top menu) uses PayPal for money transactions and the flow is exactly the way you described. When you return from a payment gateway, you’ll receive special GET parameters which contains information on the state of the transaction (accepted, denied, pending, etc). What you need to do, is to be able to catch these parameters and handle them in an appropriate way. There are multiple ways you accomplish this, for example, by using an
. Another option would be to make a separate servlet for handling the return messages of the payment gateway.

How do you do it then?

Dear all,
I coudn’t find the paypal addon. Is there any other addon that can do the payment please ?
Thank you for your response