Integrating Vaadin with an old web-app?


I tried searching the forums but couldn’t find a thread that addressed this particular issue.

How easy (or difficult, but I’m betting my money on the former) would it be to add Vaadin into an existing web-app which mainly uses WebWork, but also still has some Struts1 crap as baggage, if we’d be using Vaadin only for new features (or re-implementing existing ones)? What kind of steps would be required, and would our current use of Spring and Hibernate cause some problems/difficulties or extra plumbing? We’re using Spring mainly for injecting @Resource classes into xwork action classes which do all the Hibernate stuff.

I guess that in a simple case all that is needed is adding the Vaadin servlet to web.xml and then mapping it to those urls that contain the new features.

Data exchange between old and new functions could be done via Http Session.

Hi guys,

Just thought I’d chime in with a few links to some articles:

Spring integration

JSP Integration

Success stories
- basically some of what has been successfully done with Vaadin.

Those should give some kind of insight into integrating with Vaadin. I’m afraid I can’t help any more than this, since I personally haven’t integrated Vaadin with anything but Ruby :wink: