Integrating Vaadin / Spring Framework, multi session app

Hey folks! =]

I’ve made an Vaadin/Spring integration, and that was working very fine with my @Autowired / @Component annotations. After I’ve tested the application, and saw that different application sessions wasn’t working, it wasn’t allowing multi-session. Ex: If I’ve logged in Chrome, and then access the application with Firefox, the session was already logged in. Ok, that’s because I didn’t had any @Scope(“session”) spring annotation into my components.

Ok, now, I’ve added this, but a strange problem is occurring: If i log in, the login screen is still displayed until I refresh the browser. If I click in some menu item, it just displays when I reload the webpage, too. It wasn’t occurring without @Scope(“session”) component, before.

Here are some snippets:

public class MyWebApp extends Application implements HttpServletRequestListener
public class MainWindow extends Window {
public class viewManager 

Anyone catch the same problem someday? =]